Management Profiles

• Pedro Leon -  Operations Manager

Mr. Leon has been with AP Express since 1995. He has worked in several departments during his tenure. Before being promoted to his present position he was the Tracing Manager and Day Operations Supervisor. Mr. Leon has a bachelor degree in business management from C.S.U.L.A. He and his wife Kristi have two beautiful daughters.

• Jeffery D Pont -  CEO

Mr. Pont founded AP Express in 1992. Mr. Pont has over nineteen years of experience in the freight and warehousing industries. Mr. Pont built the company from the ground up. Mr. Pont is a modern day CEO with a hand's on approach and believes that to-days service needs to be at the highest level. He prides himself on being kind and very organized. Mr. Pont takes personal pride in his employee's development and provides extensive education and training.

• Arthur R Fleischmann -  Vice President

562 236-2250

Arthur joined AP Express in 1996. In 1998 he was promoted to Operations Manager. In 2004 Arthur was promoted to V.P. of Operations. In 2006 Arthur was promoted to Vice President of AP Express. Primary responsibilities is handling the day to day operations of both companies.

• Matthew J Cass -  President

Mr Cass has been an active member of the company since 1994 and has held a number of positions. Currently he oversees the daily management, and is responsible for the technical development of the company. He started his career in the printing field where he held a number of management positions.
Mr. Cass holds a B.S. degree in graphic communication and a minor in english from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He and his wife, Robin, have a son and daughter.